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    if john cena doesn't. win at wm

    if john cena doesn't. win at wm
    What would happen if cena didn't win at wm ? I think its a question which could possiblely happen think about it ? Say at wrestlemania and john cena loses and after match he shakes rocks hand and boom AA. Cena does the you can't see me and does his taunt and walks away then a mitb owner lets just say dolph zigglar or ryb ack or whoever ( cause mitb talks ) Cashes in on a defensely rock as cena watches but does nothing.( think cm punk heel turn) 2013 Just as bad a year as ever have him start losing matches left and right have him cut a promo say idk 4-5 months later that he dnoe sn't. Knowif he can do it anymore leave his cap chains ands his shirt he leaves with his head down and fades away. Elimantion chamber there is a match for wwe title . ( Ryback , dolph,kane,del rio, punk ,?)
    #6 Isn't there match going on down to dolph and ryback and sounds goes off buzz for next person lights go out and its back on in the ring undertaker with both men pinned 1,2,Lights go out again turn back on taker ryback down dolph confused crawls 123 new wwe champ dolph.zigglar. taker gets up and grabs ryback and dolph throats chokeslam lights out again taker bleeding in ring.
    Next night taker calls out dolph for title match ryback wants it 2 3 way live on raw match good taker chokeslam ryback out of ring the ring ryback and dolph goes for zig zag shurgs off taker pissed attack hits sig moved . Taker grabs dolph tombstone. 1,2 ryback pulls taker has him up for shellshock through. Announce table taker reversed. Last ride through. It back in ring dolph locks sleeper taker fading charge of energy. Fight off last ride cs tombstone. 1,2, Lights go out back on cena aa taker crowd going nuts zig looks at cena . Cena smiles aa . Ryback up aa. Lights out he's gone . Draw match . Ryback taker pissed wants cena at wm face each other take wins cena at entrance ramp screaming streak will end i will not lose . More promos u guys can put together etc cena taker at wm?
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