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    Post eWrestlingNews WWE Prediction Contest!

    Hey guys. I would like to start something that has usually become a staple at wrestling forums across the IWC - a full, official EWN prediction contest with sigs to the winners. Usually the way it works is you not only guess the outcomes of a WWE pay-per-view, but you also guess how the match will be won (pinfall, submission, countout, etc) and whether or not there will be any outside interference. There are also ten questions (and usually bonus questions) that you answer as well - correct match guesses and correct question answers get you points - the person with the most points wins (top three finishers get sigs). There is a ranking as well that tracks a yearly total, where the end of year winner gets a sort of "ultra sig" and bragging rights for being the year's top prognosticator.

    I would be willing to design the sigs and run/score/monitor the contest. I'm actually a bit surprised no one has started one yet here. We can start with this weekend's TLC pay-per-view, which would then put us on track to finish the yearly standings with the 2011 Survivor Series.

    Here's sort of an example of what I'm talking about:

    Here's an example card and contest entry sheet for a PPV.

    1. WWE Championship Match: A-Randy Orton (c) vs B-Sheamus
    2. World Championship Match: A-Kane (c) vs B-Edge
    3. US Championship Triple Threat Match: A-Daniel Bryan (c) vs. B-Ted DiBiase vs. C-John Morrison
    4. WWE Tag Team Championship Match: A-Nexus (c) vs B-Hart Dynasty
    5. Iron Man Match: A-Jack Swagger vs B-Evan Bourne
    6. WWE Divas Championship: A-Natalya (c) vs B-Beth Phoenix
    7. Loser Leaves Raw Match: A-John Cena vs B-The Miz
    8. Challenge Match: A-The Big Show vs B-CM Punk

    The ways a match can be won:

    A. Pinfall
    B. Submission
    C. Countout
    D. Disqualification
    E. Escaping the Cage
    F. Grab title/briefcase from above ring
    G. Most pinfalls (Ironman, Best 2 of 3 falls)
    H. Throwing opponent over top rope

    So, for each match, you'd pick the person who will win, how they will win, and whether or not any outside inference will occur (Y for yes, N for no). For this test PPV, your contest entry form would look something like this:

    1. A-B-Y
    2. A-A-N
    3. C-A-N
    4. A-A-Y
    5. A-G-N
    6. B-A-Y
    7. B-A-Y
    8. A-A-N

    You would earn 5 points for picking the correct winner, 3 points for picking correctly how the match was won, and then 1 point for correctly picking if there was inference or not. With an eight match card, the most points you could receive here would be 72.

    Then there would be ten (or so) questions that followed - so even if you don't get every match right, you still could have a chance at picking up more points. These questions would be, for example, "How many title changes will occur in the PPV?", and "Which match will feature a weapon being used", etc.

    Plus there will usually be bonus questions available as well.

    I know it's a little wordy, but are there any interested players out there? If so - I'd be willing to set this up tomorrow and start recording predictions. Mods - if we run this can we perhaps get a sticky or maybe a forum section for this?


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    I'm interested
    Don't worry Daniel, I also have a great admiration for AJ aswell!

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    Looks good mate, I'd give it a go

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    Count me in

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    im there man!

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    Yeah, I am in!
    Wait for the next time...

    ''If You Know What I Mean''

    Thank You Edge and HBK!

    Beer! Money!

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    Sure Thang

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    I'll do it.

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    im defenitly down for it

    Hard work does pay off..... But only if your... AWESOME!!!

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