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    dream wm vs reality

    My dream wm vs reality

    1. Dream match mark henry vs ryback
    Reality for mark prob dark card or filler and for ryback chris jerchio

    2. The usos vs ptp vs sin cara and rey vs alex riley and ted dibiase or swagger and sheild
    Reality- usos dark card with ted and alex swagger to. Ptp vs sin cara and mysterio. And shield

    3. Wade barrett vs christain
    Reality wade vs bo for int title chris dark card

    4. Sheamus vs kane
    Reality sheamus vs orton and kane vs bryan

    5. Daniel bryan vs y2j ( show stealing ) for int title reality look at kane and bryan. Y2j vs ryback

    6. Cody vs sandow
    Reality cody vs goldust I'm ok with

    7. Big show vs. Ryback
    Reality show vs del rio

    8. Cesero vs swagger Reality

    9. Del rio vs miz vs zigglar vs orton world title

    10. Punk vs taker also reality

    11. Brock vs rock vs cena wwe title
    Real brock vs hhh rock cena 2

    So tell me what u think?
    RIP Dusty Rhodes the greatest of common men the American Dream

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    Dafuq did i just read?

    barely understood anything you said, punctuation, you know
    and after deciphering it, just no

    who would put on a match featuring Alex Riley, he hasn't been seen since his win over Dolph last summer and is simply a jobber

    how would miz get into the world title match when he's fueding with Cesaro still

    Swagger and Henry will probably be involved in a six man tag match or something

    Sheamus vs Kane - NO!

    sorry man
    but this deserved a lot more thought
    The dream matches work better simple and pairing the right guys together
    not grouping big names randomly and putting a night of triple threats, Fatal Four Ways, random title up for grabs and tag-team gauntlet matches

    Reality and Dreams, i hope thats not the plan for wrestlemania


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