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    The only out of left field comment Bret made was the one about the top 1000 wrestlers. Besides that, he was spot on. The match between Taker and HHH was fueled by emotion, constant chair shots, and kicking out of each other's finishers. There was very little actual wrestling throughout.

    Then there's HHH's career. Yes, it's true that Vince liked him, but he liked Zach Gowen too once, and look where that's got him. HHH also was nothing on his own and only became 'relevant' when he became part of DX. Can anyone honestly say that if Trips was never involved with DX, the Corporation, the Corporate Ministry, DX (again), Evolution, and DX (yet again), he would have accomplished as much as he did? The guy always needed someone more talented to elevate himself, whether it was Flair, Shawn, or the New Age Outlaws. He also actively engaged in burying talent to push himself. Booker T should have won the title in the racist storyline ten years back, yet the WWE allowed HHH (the 'racist') to win. Kane should have had more title runs in the 2000s than he did, but once again HHH got in the way. And since I mentioned Kane, let's not forget how crappy the storylines were post Invasion, with the worst being that Katie Vick fiasco.

    There was a time back then when I would go months without even watching Raw when he was champ. I know a lot of people here don't like Cena, but I think his rise in the WWE was a breath of fresh air, because once he got to the top along with Orton, Edge and Batista, the constant title reigns of HHH came to an end, and I think wrestling as a whole is better off because of it.


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