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Thread: TNA titles

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    TNA titles

    Is it me or does anyone else think that TNA is using there titles wrong.
    1. World title: It has no champion and in my opinion shouldn't have been giving to RVD due to his limited T.V. appearance.
    2. Television title: In the beginning i thought this title would be useful but in the end it just takes up space. Its name is change every 6 months and is barely defended and given to AJ because they didn't want to give him back to wold title.
    3. Tag tiles: Is the only title being use correctly. It was giving to the M.C.M.G and they put on some great match defending it.
    4. X Division title: Ok there are many thing wrong here. First besides No Surrender when the last time that title has been defended. Next they put it on Douglas Williams not like he would make a good champ but the no high risk gimmick he has is not what the leader of the X Division should have.
    5. TNA Knockout title: I really can care less about this title now because only 4 people are actually being used with it.
    6. TNA Knockout Tag titles: Another titles just taken up space and shouldn't be use due to not having enough Knockouts to use for the main title.

    Here a couple of ideas i had to fix these problems.

    1. Since Kurt is most likely to win it at Bound For Glory let him have a good 6 month title run.
    2. Let AJ hold on to the title then have him and Kurt have a unification match to get rid of it.
    3. No problem here
    4.Put the title on someone like Amazing Red and have him defend it regularly
    5.Get more Knockouts that can wrestle (you know who i mean) and defend it regularly
    6.Get rid of this title until there enough Knockout to make a decent line of contenders

    Well this is only my opinion what do you guys think they should do.

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    does tna still have the knockout tag titles.

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    women tag team titles are lame
    the tv title is fine but being defended more would be a nice change
    bring BACK the x-Division give the title to one of the High Flyers and off of doug williams shit give him the tv title lol

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    I think that the TV title is just plane ugly,

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    Quote Originally Posted by TNA 'The very best' View Post
    I think that the TV title is just plane ugly,
    I rather it be called the tv title than the legends or global title.

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