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    The "Face" role.

    I was thinking: I visit these wrestling sites on a daily basis & I really enjoy reading opinions. There is one thing that bothers me though. How mostly everyone on here complains about how WWE has gotten stale & some characters need a make over. The most common solution? To turn them heel. For example:

    John Cena sucks so badly, he needs to turn heel. (Okay, that one I'll agree with)
    Randy Orton is so bland as a face. He needs to turn heel.
    CM Punk is a much better heel than a face.
    Sheamus needs to turn heel again, he isn't convincing as a face.
    Rey Mysterio needs to turn heel to refresh his character.
    The Miz sucks as a face. He was a better heel.

    Turn Kofi Kingston heel, he's gonna need it if he ever wants to be a main eventer.

    The 6 first I mentioned are top stars.
    Now, suppose WWE turns them all heel.

    Who on the roster is left that can carry the WWE as a babyface?
    You can't always expect heel vs heel matches. What's the logic?
    Please don't say The Rock. We all know he isn't on a full time schedule.

    Think about it.


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