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    The Return of Jack Swagger! and his future.

    Jack Swagger returned on Smackdown with a new focus, and seems to be more aggressive as ever. Jack Swagger returned saying he did not like the way the WWE was going, and demanded to be put in the Elimination Chamber. He also put on a great match with Kofi Kingston, showing he hasn't lost a step. This got me thinking, Jack Swagger should win the Elimination Chamber and face Del Rio at WM. This feud would be like Eddie Guerrero Vs Kurt Angle at WM 20, with Swagger being like Kurt Angle as the All American American on a role, being aggressive I can see him attacking Rodrieguz putting him in a wheel chair, and maybe laying the American Flag over Del Rio (kind of like LAX use to do back when they came together with the Mexican Flag) and you have Del Rio who has the crowd on his side, as he hopes to retain his title at WM and which these two could put on a great match. I feel this could do wonders for Jack Swagger's career and show he can be a main-eventer and Del Rio can really showcase what his talents on the Grandest Stage. And regardless of the outcome Ziggler could still cash in after.



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