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    Goldust Vs Cody Rhodes feud

    Simple would you guys like to see a Cody Rhodes Vs Goldust feud? I feel Goldust has been one of WWE's most unique stars since the attitude era, and I feel he deserves a one on one match with Cody, maybe even a retirement match. You can have Dusty Rhodes as the special guest referee as well. I feel Cody Rhodes has been in singles competition the past two years at Wrestlemania with Big Show, and Mysterio so it seems only far that his blood brother would have a chance to face him at Wrestlemania. The crowd was nuts when they went at it at the Royal Rumble, and I feel these two can pull off a great feud, and a great match.

    Thoughts on a Goldust Vs Cody Rhodes feud?

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    I'm all for it.. hope to see it happen. It could be what Cody needs to move upwards the ranks, a feud with a big backstory. And I think Dustin will do all he can to get Cody over.
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    A great feud like this could do wonders for the career of Cody Rhodes.

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    Goldust has been my favourite wrestler since I first saw him return in 2002. And since then I've always loved what he does/did in the attitude era. He even followed me on Twitter! Didn't get blocked And I was watching the Rumble in a pub with about 95 people in and the pub was mental when his music hit. I was all for a match last year, luckily Goldust is timeless, so I'm all for it this year.

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    I wouldnt mind seeing Goldust VS Cody RHodes at WM29

    I get that Big E Langston dropped the NXT CHAMPIONSHIP Bo Dallas out of all people? WTF!

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    I think it would be great! Goldust appeared on the JBL and Cole show at the start and it was one of the first times in a while i laughed at a WWE show.

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    Cody deserves better.

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    Hell yeah. To a match culminating at Extreme Rules. The reaction they got at RR should show the WWE that people want to see Dustin Rhodes vs Cody Rhodes or at least have them in a tag team match.
    I'm jus sayin...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve Austin View Post
    Cody deserves better.
    I take it Goldust blocked you on Twitter?

    Yeah, I'd be up for this. They'd have an awesome match I reckon.

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    A "once in a lifetime match", at Wrestlemania, Yes
    a feud, no !


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