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    smackdown musings 8 march 2013

    having watched Smackdown I have a few thoughts I would like thoughts on...

    1 Big Show.... is his involvement with The Shield a face turn in the making....or even a tweener turn?? unlikely with his KO punch of the man seen as the brands top face, but surely he will be in the Shield matchup at Wrestlemania?? Orton and Sheamus could potentially be in a handicap against them and have Big Show interfere....

    2 Orton and Sheamus.... spending a lot of time together...surely Randys heel turn is not far away and its the Great White that he turns heel on...maybe at Wrestlemania...maybe him and Show turn on the same night??

    3 The Shield...starting to gain some support, unlikely to see a face turn for a while but its a possibility down the line...what happens after teh PPV is anyones guess....maybe a split with Rollins turning face... Reigns and Ambrose could chase the tag titles...

    Del Rio retains im sure, then likely retains at Extreme Rules against Swags again...he will likely drop the belt to Swagger after that with Sheamus maybe stepping in... Del Rio vs Orton anyone....

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    I've been watching on and off but I'm digging Brad Maddox on commentary

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    i cant wait 3man tag team match between shield and Big Show,Orton and Sheamus.the orton is my favorite wrestler and i wish they win against the shield in Wrestlemania.i will also go to see Wrestlemania29 i got my tickets from ticketvistas.


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