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    Quote Originally Posted by claud3 View Post
    WWE what were you thinking, still thinking inside the box

    Think outside it and the company will grow and be what it use to do be... Triple h taking over will not bring in change as quick as one assumes

    Triple H will stick to the status quo and VINCE will and i me will have last say...

    Unless VINCE passes away, the WWE will always be in his control
    Everything HHH has been a part of back stage has benefited the company. He is a step in the right direction. He knows the business and has made moves towards making the WWE great again already. When he does assume the role of being in charge things won't go wrong. They will only keep improving the product they are giving us.

    To hell with insincerity. Fuck you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by THE HEARTBREAK KID View Post
    I understand the concerns, but I don't get the hate.

    Vince was in control when it was considered "great" and he's still in control now. If you are not enjoying it.. maybe it's time to give another company ago or something.
    Steven Spielberg was in charge when Indiana Jones was considered great...then came Crystal Skull. Vince is an old man with grand kids and a wife trying to spend him into the grave. His perspective has probably changed somewhat in the last decade or so. It's clear from the product that someone, somewhere is doing something wrong, whether that is Vince or creative, only an insider can say.

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    The biggest issue with WWE today is inconsistency. Nothing is properly explained, storylines are just abandoned and most feuds are pointless with no interesting storylines. Ever since Eric Bishoff was fired as GM of Raw, we haven't had a long term GM. We saw Regal, Coach, Vince, Vickie, AJ, Celebrity Guest Hosts, Computer, Adamle, John Lauranitis etc as GM of Raw and everytime they say its a 'permanent GM' and change them every few months, what's the deal with that? What happened to great booking, back when they booked storylines months in advanced rather than day by day basis and actually followed it with a backup plan.

    The writers and bookers are horrible. Why is there no explanation for many storylines? What about closure? Who was the anonymous GM of Raw? Why did Kane return with his mask? Who was behind The Nexus? WWE right now is alot like how WCW was being booked in the late 90's. It's like they tell someone to go in the ring and attack a babyface to setup a feud and then they just say 'I don't know why you attacked him, we will figure out something for you to say next week'. I think the last longterm decent storyline the WWE had was probably Orton vs HHH at WM.

    Every PPV is the same old storyline 'Can John Cena overcome the odds again?', its been this way since 2005 mostly. Jeez even Austin/Rock wasn't shoved down our throats this badly


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