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    What would happen if Superstars were given time off

    After watching wrestling for pretty much my entire life, I still sit here and wonder how hard it would be to work the schedule they work. With very little time to themselves, and constantly being on the road it would be very easy to become lazy and not really care about what you are doing in the ring as well as increase the possibility of injuries.

    I would like to see some sort of mandatory time off given to these guys, WWE and TNA. I just think something like a 20-30 day mandatory vacation per year would do great for the superstars as well as the show. It would give the work horses time off, and allow other guys to fill spots for a few weeks and get their time to show what they are made of. The time off could allow people to heal up, be at home, get back into tip top shape(I know they all are but when anyone is injured and comes back they are usually ripped for a few months then you see them go back to normal), as well as work on other adventures such as all the youtube and social media stuff the WWE is pushing at the moment.

    Seems like something that is much needed to me. What do you guys think.


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