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    Ladies and Gentlemen...a MASSIVE Tool!!!

    You know Guys...i know many people dont like Michael Cole, in fact, it seems that everybody HATE the guy. Personally speaking, i respect what he does just like Vickie Guerrero, especially now. I mean these 2 really know how to do their Job, and get HEAT!

    BUT...I gotta admit, i FOUND it Very Funny i LOVED, LOVED, LOVED when Edge Spelled, and Called Cole....A MASSIVE TOOL last night on Slammy Raw! And the "Why's" from him was also great.


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    Its his job to call heat nowadays and he does that really well. But I wish he could shut the hell up during a match or actually call it instead of talk and bitch about everything.

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    Yeah i would agree with Brown. It sounds like Cole just rambles while matches go on and then him and lawler argue and bit and something goes on in the ring.

    All in all Cole is a great heel commentator, but i have to look back to when JR was the Face and Lawler was the heel during the Attitude era and i must say i like that interaction better than what im seeing these days.

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    The few weeks when we had Punk commentating, he was clearly getting annoyed at the lack of coverage of the matches. We know Cole loves the Miz, thats been firmyl established, but he doesnt need to lick his ass during every goddamn match on Raw
    If I can be serious for a minute..

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