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    Angry Why is the attitude towards women on EWN so misogynistic?

    Seriously. Is the entire IWC like this as well? I always see negative things being said like how much of a whore Lita was, how Gail Kim is a cunt for voicing how misused she felt in WWE, how Tammy Lynn Sytch is a washed up slut, Rosa looks like a man, AJ is a horrible actress and needed to be taken off screen etc.

    Is it somehow cool for us guys to have sex with whoever but it's bad if a woman does the same? Cm punk airs his grievances everybody marks out but if a lady does it people want her to be quiet. Was AJ really a step down from Lauranitis? Were we not all born from Women? Are there not plenty of skilled hard working women?

    I feel like if this was said on screen in a wrestling ring it would seem like a heel promo but I feel a large portion of the IWC is lonely out of shape socially undeveloped guys who live in their mother's houses that are absolutely intimidated by attractive women who masturbate to internet porn. Most guys wouldn't say there things in ear shot of the people they type about because in all likelihood the women themselves could and would literally beat them up with their superior physical traits and aggressive attitudes. A lot of you deserve that ass kicking irl imo.

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