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    Question Goldust?

    What do we expect or hope for from the return of Goldust? How can WWE ignore that reaction? It was a Road Warrior pop - the biggest you can get. I know that the crowd was amped up for possible exciting returns but even that was beyond the norm.

    This was interesting too;

    Cody Rhodes tweeted that he didn't know Goldust would be returning at the Royal Rumble.

    He wrote: "Watching TheRumble. Well handled secrecy, @WWEDustyRhodes didn't even smarten me up, didn't see Dustin the whole day, then I heard his music. We have MANY differences, but you're pretty undeniable when I can barely hear said music because the crowd. Amused that I spoiled it for him"

    As noted earlier, the Goldust return had been planned for a week or so prior to the pay-per-view due to the angle with his real-life brother, Cody Rhodes. With Cody claiming he was unaware of the return, it's likely WWE was "shooting" and wanted a genuine reaction from Cody when his brother entered the match.


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