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    Exclamation *Spoilers*The Sheild Invade! Upcoming NXT Results

    So, I'm just skimming these results for the nest 3 weeks of NXT and there is some interesting happenings....

    Corey Graves and "The Ascension" Conor O'Brian went head to head in a #1 contenders match for the NXT title but were BOTH attacked and laid out by The Shield. I wonder if this is just a random attack because so far they have only attacked faces on the main roster and I'm fairly certain neither O'Brian or Graves are faces. Or it could be that WWE figures, since it's so damn hard to watch NXT, not many people will know about it! lol Interesting development anyway.

    I think Big E Langston is a face in NXT. Is that right?

    Aussie girls Emma's shitty dancing thankfully seems to be turning out to be part of the gimmick. Word is it's catching on but....shades of Jillian Hall anyone?

    Paige seems to be newly embroiled in this nice little feud with ring announcer Summer Rae, who picked up a victory over Paige. They seem to be putting more and better storylines to NXT divas than they do the main roster ones. Hopefully it's a sign of things to come for the Diva division? I'd say look for Paige to be called up soon but there's always the age issue working against her currently which may actually be a good thing since she'd debut to a currently dead division.

    Some nice interaction from The Wyatt Family, despite losing in the finals of the tag tourney. I was worried it looked like they were going to split them already but thankfully that doesn't seem to be the case. Just yet. Also, Bray Wyatt had a match! Good to see him back in action.

    Nice choice to put the tag belts on Adrian Neville and Oliver Grey - British Ambition. (Can't wait for the TNA faithful to come out saying TNA invented British tag teams) Initially I thought they just threw together two random guys but I really like themes in teams so this makes me happy.

    It looks like they intend to keep Kidd & Gabriel together for the forseeable future.

    Always great to see appearances by Dusty Rhodes and it would be great if WWE choose to utilise Dustin in NXT too.

    That's my basic breakdown - if you read it, you clearly aren't concerned with spoilers so - discuss!


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