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    i think tna are finally having some process, there was a time where they seemed stuck in the same shit, it lasted for a couple of years, but now it seems they are doing things right and big thing are coming for the tnamaniacs

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    Predicting it ....By this Fall or 2014 they will have a Live impact every week.... except maybe the Holidays..... and the UK shows and etc.....
    By this late spring or early this Summer or Fall they will introduce 2ndary programming maybe on a different network???!!!...
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    I think it will be a good thing, I hate TNA, but if they came through here I would check out one of their shows just to see what the live experience is like. I'm sure a lot of haters would do the same thing, and some may get hooked. It is time for this company to evolve and this is the first step towards this.
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    On an a slightly unrelated note. Did anyone notice on last night's Impact that the middle front row section of fans would disappear and run back every few minutes, What was all that about?
    they were coming down to the ring at the start of the match to try to touch the wrestlers on their way to and around the ring


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