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    ultramantis black

    Okay, Lethal I think could make it in the WWE. But my argument for the other 4 is that the current "character" that they are right now wouldn't work in the WWE. The Briscoe’s wouldn't be the Briscoe’s that we know. They'd be the next version of Cryme Tyme or something.

    Ultramantis and Gargano would be limited; Mantis couldn't go at the break neck pace you are accustom to seeing and Gargano couldn't play the character he is because it requires such mature attitude and humor that would be watered down in the E Universe and people would crucify him for it.

    Sami is the worst fit. What happened to Taz when he went to the WWE? What do you think would happen to Sami? If this was 15 years ago and Mankind was still around, Kane was still from the pits of hell, and Undertaker was still running the Ministry, then yes I'd say bring Sami in. But the character that Sami plays wouldn't work in the WWE. If anything, I'd rather see him in TNA where he'd have a bit more leash after working his tail off (much like Aries gained after his year back with the company) or stay working with DG USA. Ambrose is just as scary for me. Sure we have seen a whole two interviews with the guy since he was moved to the main roster, but what is he going to be able to bring once this whole "Blair Witch Camera" angle of the Shield is taken to a level where they have to speak on the regular. Moxley has the talent and abilities, but he can only be as creative as they will let him, and I don't see Sami playing "nice" the way that Moxley might.

    Trust me, I am all for these guys getting called to the big leagues, but let's not think that someone like Danny Havoc would waltz into the WWE and remain the "Death Match Drunkard." Are the Crist brothers going to walk into the WWE and maintain that hardcore edge and move set that sets them apart from many other tag teams currently in the wrestling scene? We're not that naive, are we?

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    I'd rather masturbate to your picture of Carnage.

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    DRG hates everyone


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