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    1. Sami Callihan
    2. Brian Cage
    3. Johnny Yuma & Johnny Goodtime (The RockNES Monsters) light a fire under that tag team division.
    4. Samuray Del Sol
    5. Kevin Steen

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    1. cowboy james storm. Hes the only guy right now i see in tna that can actually fit in the main event picture in wwe.
    2. davey richards. him and daniel bryan in a 60 min iron man match will be all i need to pursuade me to buy a ppv.
    3. eric young. ERIC YOUNG VS SANTINO MARELLA. i promise this would be the most entertaining match EVER!
    4. magnus. it would be intersting to see how they use him.
    5. austin aries. hes just an all around great talent on any roster!
    there better not be any spiders in that breifcase!!....or the grits gon hit the pan!! THAT BREIFCASE GON GET GOT!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by McKenzie17 View Post
    So you wouldn't want to see AJ Styles go?
    Not really. AJ Styles isn't very good on the mic IMO. He's great in the ring but I don't think he'd hold up in WWE. I don't think he has anything to offer that WWe hasn't already got on their roster.

    Quote Originally Posted by dub View Post
    I hate to say it Tommy but these guys would be cut from the WWE in one month. (I can see it now, I'm going to my crystal ball) They would put some make-up on Christina tell her to lose some weight and participate in pillow fights. They would give Amazing Red and Devitt 2 moves. They will turn Joe into a jobber and they will have Chris Master use his Pecks to dance with music... Wait??? Lol, But what i'm tryna say is... It's almost like the WWE doesn't care about signing great wrestlers like the ones you mentioned. IDK why but they just don't seem to be very interested. Devitt, Red, and Von E has been doing there thing for quite some time on the indy scene and hasn't been signed to a major promotion yet??? What gives? But I do agree wit you. They "should" be signed but I don't know if they will.
    Dude, you can say that about most of the people that will be mentioned in this thread.
    Do I think any of the guys I mentioned will be signed? I think that Masters is the only one who ha a chance given that he's a former employee, so highly unlikely for the rest. But yes, I do think that all 5 of the people I mentioned SHOULD be signed.

    And CVE needs to lose weight?!?! Since when?! She's about the same size as Natalya, Beth Phoenix, or Kaitlyn man!! Plus, she's been signed to TNA in the past man, remember Ink Inc?
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    Jay Lethal
    Austin Aries
    Samoa Joe
    Robert Roode
    James Storm

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    Samoa Joe
    AJ Stylez

    I could name millions, but these 3 are the ones I'd like to see in WWE the most.

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    Prince Devitt - best international wrestler in the world
    MVP - greatly improved in-ring since since being in Japan, and he could always talk
    Low Ki(Kaval) - could base a cruiserweight division around him
    Kevin Steen - he'd have to lose some weight for WWE, but one of great heels in the world
    Sonjay Dutt - as Maffew always says, he deserves better. an extraordinary talent and a could make in-roads into India for WWE

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    Shelton Benjamin
    Kevin Steen
    Davey Richards
    Johnny Gargano

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    ultramantis black

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheGreatOne View Post
    Samoa Joe
    AJ Stylez

    I could name millions, but these 3 are the ones I'd like to see in WWE the most.
    Sting would probably choose permanent retirement over WWE. He hates Vince with a passion.

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    Muhammed Hassan!


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