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    5 Wrestlers who WWE Should sign in my Opinion in no particular order

    5. Adam Cole
    I think he would fit in good with the midcard talent and he can wrestle various different styles and mix it up in the ring. From what I have seen he can wrestle he can cut a promo and he is pretty young only 23 which means he can be around for a long time if need be.

    4.Kyle O' Reilly
    He is a very talented up incomer and he can put on some amazing matches I havent seen much of his promo work so I dont know if he can talk the talk. But he can like Cole wrestle various styles and can fight when it counts.He could be another good midcarder and also him and Cole could bring future shock to the WWE.

    3. Brian Cage
    He is a powerhouse and fits the WWE bill of being a jacked monster of a wrestler yes he did unfortunately not get picked by TNA but he could still make it big in the WWE he was in FCW for a while but I reckon he could be a good addition to the Heavyweight group.

    2. Eddie Edwards
    He is another total package when it comes to wrestling he can wrestle various styles he can talk he is of decent height and he could fight in any male division in the WWE.

    1. Sami Callihan
    He is one of my favorite wrestlers he can talk he is a bit on the small size but he makes up for it in talent. And personally I want to see Him and Dean Ambrose aka Jon Moxley to reform the Switchblades and terrorize the WWE.

    They are my five

    What do you think?

    Who are you five?


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