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    WWE draft version 2.0

    I dont know about anyone else, but I miss the days of the WWE draft. I know its not practical anymore because the brand extension is over, but a thought occurred to me on how to bring back a somewhat similar draft system while also creating some post-Wrestlemania buzz. The system would include 4 main eventers acting as captains. The captains would then draft a team of 3 other wrestlers creating 4 teams of 4 wrestlers. Over the next couple weeks, there would be a series of matches between the 4 teams(singles,tag,4 way eliminations, etc) with the winning team in each match earning points(kind of like TNA's bound for glory system, but obviously not the same for arguments sake). At the end of the time period, the team that earned the most points would be put into a fatal 4 way match with the winner earning a shot at (insert title here) at the next PPV. Another possibility would be to delay this until the fall and have the tournament culminate with a 4 team elimination match at survivor series. Thoughts?

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    i dont think its gonna happen since all superstars appear in all shows, but i think it is a great idea , i really enjoyed the drafts

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    I actually do something similar in my WWE game. That being said, sounds basically like the old TNA X-Cup tournament which is where I stole the idea. Admitting that though, I do like the idea. Don't even need the fatal 4 way at the end as the captain can challenge for a world title, with the other 3 going for tag and IC/US titles.


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