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    CM Punk - Heel For Life?

    Considering CM Punks's awesome momentum currently as a heel, I have to wonder if he should ever go back. Or even if he could and be convincing. I really don't think I could buy it and I'm pretty sure I'd see him as less if he was face now.

    Initially, during his early runs in WWECW and on Raw(I can't speak for his bingo hall stuff), he was a great face. He seemed to hit the right note with fans and that was helped by his little boy smile. He still has the same smile but now it reminds me of the little boy you have to keep an eye on lest he burn your house down. But nowadays, I just can't help but think he can never go back.

    With the amount of vitriolic hatred he has convincingly spewed forth, I think Punk has firmly cemented himself in the heel-for-life club. For one thing, he would lose half his fan base if he went face. True fact. People like to say that they are true Punk fans but I doubt they would go for long with him kissing the asses of fans and still proudly wear his as-corny-as-Cena T-shirts. (Ok they are slightly cooler but I still wouldn't be caught dead in them!)

    I'm not going to sit here and suggest they won't try turning Punk face again - that's the nature of the industry. His ass kissing promos will still be just as scripted as his venomous heel ones but he'll do it all the same because like it or not - it's all about the Benjamins, even to Punk. And CM Punk does the business.

    Vote for how you would like to see Punk's heel/face career trajectory go.


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