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    As a fan of ROH from the "better days" as they're now known... I will say there are major things wrong with the company and I will state it in the following:

    1.) PPV - They have the funding with Sinclair right now. Utilize it. And even if they were to switch companies, make sure they can get some money for real PPV's. This online shit is getting REAL bothersome.

    2.) TALENT - ROH was always known for their talent. They had all the ones that are now becoming the greats in OTHER promotions. There's so much talent running around there scott free without contracts anywhere, scoop them and actually sign them. Again, they have the backing so they need to utilize it.

    3.) VENUES - The gyms and the small studios make them still seem bush league. Maybe sprawl out to college arenas. They're capable of holding a couple thousand. They may take a hit at first but, promoting the promotion is something else that needs to be done as well. ROH is the current ECW on TNN. If you've been a fan for a while, you'll know what I mean.

    4.) STORYLINES - I completely understand that they're going for "match quality" but, there's nothing compelling going on that makes me want to tune in. I haven't watched a ROH show in a couple months. Nothing there for me to be "entertained" with so to say. If I want to watch nothing but matches, PWG and a couple other "Indy" companies will suffice for me. If you're going to be a company that focuses on wrestling, go for it. But they still need something like "The Summer Of Punk" to be there as well.

    Everything else is known at this point as well. They need to follow these things and I think they'll succeed in being a better company.


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