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    ACH Officially signed with ROH

    I can't believe people aren't making a bigger deal out of this. This is a guy who made waves in Texas for years and has finally made it, after years of Texas wrestling being overlooked we finally have a guy who made it out and is getting recognized on the big stage. Here in Texas his matches with Matthew Palmer, Jaykus Plisken, and Bolt Brady are considered timeless classics. We here in Texas are proud to export a great wrestler, and friend to the rest of the world.

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    I think its a great signing i have seen some of his matches from Chikara, Dragongate USA and CZW i thought he was pretty good. So this is a great signing.

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    Yeah he looks ok

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    His work in Beyond Wrestling is phenomenal.

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    He was great in NWA Houston and I have to agree the match I saw between ACH and Bolt
    Brady was very good.

    If you ever get to see him live start a sweep the leg chant and see what happens.

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    Saw him live last night, he was good but he wasn't the best guy out there. Huge crowd favorite because it was in San Antonio. He wrestled Jay Lethal.


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