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    "Tonight! Stone cold Steve Austin, goes one on one, with the Jabroni beatin, *Al-la-la-la-ow* Pie eatin, not afraid to sweat, not afraid to bleed. Gonna beat that bald-headed bastard, guaran-damn-teed!"
    -The Rock - WrestleMania XIX interview

    "The WWF is gonna die. I know that. The WWF has cancer. Because of Ric Flair. Flair's gonna kill it. And the kind of cancer Flair gave the WWF, is the slow-eating kind of cancer. It's not quick. I'm not gonna let Ric Flair kill what I created, me! The WWF is mine, it's mine, I created it! I'm not gonna let Ric Flair kKILL what I created. Because, I'm going to kill.......what......I.....creeated. I am gonna kill it! I'm gonnakill my own creation., I'm gonna inject the WWF with a lethal dose of poison. If anyone is gonna kill my own creation. I'm going to do!...*spins around in his chair to reveal the evil white and black letters spray painted on the back of it* *fans freak out in shock* "....and the N.....W....O!" - Vincent K. McMahon

    Ah hell, here it is. Sends chills down my freaking spine everytime.
    1st time he loses his mind - to me anyway.


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