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    Kurt Angle Retirement?

    I am Annoyed that TNA has done this angle, Kurt is one of the best of all time and is in one of the best shapes of his life. so we all no he wont retire. so they should of just given it to him, its getting boring. As much as i love him i dont want him the champ. The champ should be someone like the Pope or even anderson even back to AJ (He looks stupid calling the impact zone his house with the TV title) and they should have kurt helping push the mid carders up to main eventer. What do you guys think>?

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    kurt is TNA. "Dude has broken his neck not once, not twice, not 3 times, not even 4 times, 5 f'n times, he is a warrior and should be on top. I know his age is 41 but he still has it and HE CAN WRESTLE, its real, ITS DAME REAL. REAL TALK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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    Even with his age, Kurt and retirement won't cross paths for a long while.

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    I suspect the Heavyweight Title, decided at PPV on 10.10.10 may involve Kurt in some shape or form! What if he is part of "they" or "them?" Possibly a rehashed MEM or another stable who will influence the outcome of that match. Maybe Kurt is due a heel turn, or could he be the victim of "them?" I'd hate to think TNA haven't got something up their sleeve for this "angle!"

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    I never said i want him to retire, i just dont want to see him with the title right now, and everyone knows that he wont retire so it has ruined the matchs and all seems pointless having this tournament.

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    Kurt will retire eventually. He already has a food-line an his future is already set-up for him.

    He's 41. He has (if I should say) achieved more than some of thos iconic models in the 80's has. He is also able to keep rolling with the likes of the X-Division which to me is very unusual. Could he be one of those guys who can keep going & going like the energizer bunny? Absolutely not. His age will catch up with him, and one day he will suffer a severe injury. NO I am not hoping for this. It just happens, and nobody can predict when or if it would.

    IMO though Kurt Angle should NOT retire with TNA. I'd rather have him return to WWE for a retirement tour, and then end it at Wrestlemania. OR! Have him come to the WWE, hang up those boots for awhile, and then tackle that GM role again.
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    kurt is a long way off retirement. but he is too inconsistent at the moment to be champion.

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    I think the story is to co-incide with Kurt's contract running out, it will either end in him winning the World Title or it will end with him losing the match and retiring, now if this happens then he either calls it a day in TNA and allows his contract to run out (and rejoins the WWE) or he re-signs with TNA, stays away for a few months then returns

    I personally can see him losing at Bound For Glory to Mr Anderson, whether that will be the end for him in TNA remains to be seen

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    Personally, I think it would take some minor miracle for him to go back to WWE. Which is to say, it won't happen like that. Kurt still has a lot left to give back to a business he loves, I just hope they don't do a "retire-only-to-come-back-later" thing with him, just give him a break. I'm pretty certain he'd remain loyal to TNA if given time off

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    Quote Originally Posted by TNA 'The very best' View Post
    AJ (He looks stupid calling the impact zone his house with the TV title)
    First of all how does he look Stupid calling the Impact ZOne his house with the TV Title? It is the house he built and just because it isnt the World Title doesnt mean anything it just means they need to build the credibility of the TV Title. The ECW arena was arguably the house that RVD built and how did he do it? By being the greatest TV champion of all time on any brand in any company. The TV title meant more than the ECW world title did at that point. As long as they continue to have him defend it, then I dont see any reason why it looks stupid.

    As far as Kurt Angle we know he isnt gonna retire but I dont mind seeing him as the champ again and I hope they end up having it be The Pope and Kurt Angle in the Finals. I think it will be an amazing match and like RVD it will be good having him as the champ because he can have a good match with anybody. That was the great thing about HBK you could put him an a match with The Great Khali and still have a entertaining match.


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