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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkside Ron Garvin View Post
    No looks doesn't matter. I think all of them are too plastic for my taste. I bought the characters for TBP as being closer to reality than what Lay-Cool was. Lay-Cool came across as something that was stitched together by someone in the back as their own fantasy of "Man, these two chicks would look really hot if they were in the ring together at the same time; It'd DEFINATELY give 12 year olds a boner!" whereas TBP truly seemed like legit bitches who would do anything for the notoriety that they felt they deserved (which is why the plastic helped the character). They came across much better as the bitches that they were trying to portray.
    Oh no doubt, LayCool were as manufactured and deliberate as all get out, but hey, Layla makes my brain go all ahummana hummana duuuuuhhh *drools*. And it was competently entertaining enough for me and I'll be honest, I didn't see all of TBP stuff. But from what I did see, for me, they really suffered from the bargain basement effort TNA gave to their promotion, like they were an after thought or an add on. I also saw a lot of them towards the end, when they were falling apart and adding terrible new members.

    What a shame WWE didn't go after them for their division. And what a shame that as usual, a valid TNA topic gets discussed outside of that forum.


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