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    The problem is that TNA is targeting so much on one demographic. Yes Hogan can get you a 1.0 rating, but his audience is not getting any bigger. TNA is comfortable with putting on tv quality ppvs and every time they get momentum someone, not sure who, feels the need to interject and get has-beens and there talentless kids tv time. If they are an alternative they should be an alternative, if not they will always be diet WWE, WWE Light, or WWE made with Splenda.

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    I can agree with Dixie. Without dixie, I doubt TNA would be here today. Her family's money helped bail them out and she has business connections through her family. She's also helped them in marketing and publicity. You can't forget that many big names have preferred to stay in TNA because of her; Sting, Velvet Sky, Angle to name a few.

    i'm sure someone would have came along and help them or JJ would have started another brand.

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