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    *SPOILERS INCLUDED* Raw ending and it's implications for the future.

    Brock lesnar F-5ing Vince was awesome. I have to admit I was watching it with someone, and I told them there is no way vince is going to take this bump at his age. Two of my friends who I was instant messaging both said that was the best ending of a raw they have seen in a while. Now that we all know what we are talking about I want to talk about it's implications for the future.

    I see this drawing out three ways and the first way is that it will lead to a match against Ryback. This tale of the tape would be impressive, they are both massive men who can go. One might even say that Ryback and Brock lesnar are much more similar than we normally consider them to be. I think this would play out well because weirdly enough to me (because I'm not a big fan of either of these guys) both ryback and lesnar are super over. I think beating lesnar at mania would be huge for rybacks career. I don't think anyone would really expect lesnar to win though.

    The other way is that HHH faces lesnar to defend his daddy. This sounds like a terrible idea. If lesnar signs another year he would win this match, and likely end up doing the first scenario.

    The third scenario is that he faces taker at mania. Maybe Undertaker says he doesn't like that Lesnar is so arrogant... To be honest this week made me think this scenario is slightly less likely than my first thought.

    What do you guys think is going to happen?


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