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    Quote Originally Posted by neekowinston99 View Post
    Hey guys long time reader but first post here so be nice :-). Here goes! With all the posts and blogs in regards to the Royal Rumble and people clearly not happy about The Rock potentially winning the title, I thought I would just ask this one simple question and that is what happened to just being entertained?

    Personally I really don't want Punks streak to end but if the Rock wins i'm still happy because it will be extremely entertaining and potentailly bring new life into the title. What I dont undertstand is why us (as the fans) feel the need to worry about what is fair for the full time wrestlers, why cant we just chill out a bit and be entertained ? Its not even like the people posting are bothered about how fun the Rock winning will or won't be, they're worried about the future of the buisness and talents. Why! surely people are being paid a lot of money to worry about that so we dont have too.

    Its not just The Rock and Punk, the same can be said for The Miz and Flair were people think it should have by all rights been Ziggler (p.s. Love the way Ziggler is at the moment with A.J and Big E and really want to see more of it.) I think Miz and Flair were excellent together and the passing on of the figure 4 was really cool.

    Those are just two examples but I am interested to hear your opinions?
    Personally, i watch out of habit and try to avoid spoilers as best as i can. Just pay no attention to what people say and you'll enjoy it much more

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    So how is it that people are supposed to be entertained by something that is not entertaining to them ?

    I hate that... You are trying to tell people that they should "sit back and enjoy" whatever "Crap" WWE shovels down their throats, that's not going to happen. There are some idiots who will accept everything they do and not say anything regardless of bad it is and there are A LOT of people that will complain about it, they are complaining about it for a reason...

    The WWE isn't as good as it used to be so people complain about it..

    It's like saying, for example, if the FDA decided to remove ALL sugar in foods, you are saying people shouldn't complain, they should just take it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wade Barrett 1979 View Post
    It's the drive by IWC, it's their job to be moaning little bitches.

    That's it really.
    Wade, your insightful and in-depth dissection of the sports entertainment industry and it's fans, while as exciting as ever, is getting a little staid and black and white. Consider for a moment, won't you, the whys and wherefores of how fandom came to be this way.....

    Firstly, we've been spoiled. Spoiled for choice - look at how much wrestling is coming at us on a weekly basis. It is constantly in our face and as a consequence it leaves little time for speculation or surprise.
    Secondly, it's one terribly crowded scene. With so many Superstars on the active roster (Raw, SD and NXT), it hardly leaves much wiggle room for giving half these guys a fair shake at exposure. We see half the roster being wasted and it frustrates us - leaving us with the sour taste of resentment in our mouths which has the trickle down effect of making us judge the product in a bit of a harsher light.
    Thirdly, we are all more connected as fans than ever. On a global scale, we are all able to use the internet to swap and share ideas about how we think things should go. All these thoughts and opinions were still there before - we're just only now becoming aware of the scale of what is probably unfair discontent and disillusionment with wrestling when all these voices become united and hence, more clearly heard.
    Lastly, there is the huge misconception that when a group is very vocal on the internet that that group becomes 100% of the internets opinion. It's not. People are simply paying more attention to what the vocal majority are saying - and sadly, those who talk the loudest seem to always be the ones who have something to complain about.

    So what does that all mean? It means our expectations are way beyond what they should be - so it leads to disappointment. Like movies and music, someone lead the audience to believe that we are owed a certain level of entertainment that satisfies us; for some reason fans like to believe it's their fucking right or something. It is not a right - it's a privilege.

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    Thanks for the comments folks. I think point in case here is most people read too much into these things to the point were they're watching something that they don't enjoy, or at least it comes across that way.

    To the comments of Fanofwrestling your example isn't very good as salt can potentially directly effect your health, not only that but the example is referring to all food so are you assuming wwe is the only form of entertainment in the world. You have other choices if you don't like it you can change the channel.

    Robstar I think your evaluation of the subject is spot on, we have seen so much in wrestling that there is very little left to keep us happy.

    Lowki you speak the words of a wise man lol.

    Thoroughly enjoyed the RR and thought it had some genuinely shocking moments, not to say there wasn't parts that could have been better, for example I really wanted Dolph to win the RR but I'm not going to bitch and moan about it and just go with it.


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