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    Hey guys long time reader but first post here so be nice :-). Here goes! With all the posts and blogs in regards to the Royal Rumble and people clearly not happy about The Rock potentially winning the title, I thought I would just ask this one simple question and that is what happened to just being entertained?

    Personally I really don't want Punks streak to end but if the Rock wins i'm still happy because it will be extremely entertaining and potentailly bring new life into the title. What I dont undertstand is why us (as the fans) feel the need to worry about what is fair for the full time wrestlers, why cant we just chill out a bit and be entertained ? Its not even like the people posting are bothered about how fun the Rock winning will or won't be, they're worried about the future of the buisness and talents. Why! surely people are being paid a lot of money to worry about that so we dont have too.

    Its not just The Rock and Punk, the same can be said for The Miz and Flair were people think it should have by all rights been Ziggler (p.s. Love the way Ziggler is at the moment with A.J and Big E and really want to see more of it.) I think Miz and Flair were excellent together and the passing on of the figure 4 was really cool.

    Those are just two examples but I am interested to hear your opinions?
    Personally, i watch out of habit and try to avoid spoilers as best as i can. Just pay no attention to what people say and you'll enjoy it much more

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