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    Quote Originally Posted by Wade Barrett 1979 View Post
    With my eyeballs.
    Good Answer

    I get that Big E Langston dropped the NXT CHAMPIONSHIP Bo Dallas out of all people? WTF!

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    our local Winghouse is how I'll be watching, just have to order a pitcher of beer and the show is free. Sounds easy enough for me

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    Quote Originally Posted by TNA 'The very best' View Post
    They did it for 'Mania last year,everyone dressed up, Drinking games, 150 people going crazy, Amazing night out,
    I doubt Los Angeles would have anything remotely like that. I've been to two high schools and college and I can't name 15 people who are wrestling fans. Let alone 150 people at a pub to watch Wrestlemania.

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    probably half asleep since its early morning in the uk when it starts
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    buddies house. shit load of steveweisers and pizza. looking forward to the best in the world retaining the wwe title or if he loses entering himself in the rumble and winning it! BEST IN THE WORLD!

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    Quote Originally Posted by THE HEARTBREAK KID View Post
    Same here! I pay for every PPV, always have and always will.

    Cant wait!
    The joys of Sky
    I have to watch on monday as i have school but, i canny wait


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    I will be buying it with my hard earned money like a good boy. Honest. I don't even know what firstrowsports is!
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    Quote Originally Posted by VanHooliganX View Post
    I will be buying it with my hard earned money like a good boy. Honest. I don't even know what firstrowsports is!
    If any post deserves a rolleyes, it's this one.


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    I'll be watching the stream and xbox party chatting with my bros who I've met on here. Also with two banned users who will remain un-named

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    Quote Originally Posted by bmh67wa View Post
    I download it from "somewhere" and watch it a few hours after it ends and I won't be coming here to read any spoilers until I'm done watching it.
    yeah, me too

    got work tonight and places to be tomorrow
    so tomorrow afternoon will be when i watch it after torrenting it


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