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    How are you watching the Rumble

    Just Wondering who will be booking the PPV or watching it Online or at a friends house.
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    can someone link me up? either here or pm. if not i guess ill just watch it a few days later

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    I always watch the big 4 on PPV Stream. (except last year I ordered Money in the Bank over Survivor Series) so this year will be no exception.

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    If people live in the Dallas- fort worth area theres a fox and hound pub and grill that will be playing it for $5

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    I download it from "somewhere" and watch it a few hours after it ends and I won't be coming here to read any spoilers until I'm done watching it.

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    With my eyeballs.

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    A stream of course. The only PPV I watch on the big screen is WrestleMania, when myself and a group of friends have a WrestleMania party.

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    I'll be paying for it cause it only costs me £15 and not $60!

    Won't be watching it live though cause I have work Monday so Monday evening will have to do!

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    Be watching as i always have done.. £15 Sky Box Office


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