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    The Great One

    There is a lot of speculation as to what will happen with The Rock and the WWE title. Many people think he will just leave after WM so there is no point in him winning the title.

    I am a fan of The Rock but I have to agree that there is not much point in him winning the title to only drop it a soon thereafter. What if we are all wrong though.

    Consider this The Rock has been making a lot of movies as of late. Perhaps he is making all these movies now because he knows that there is another project the he wants to work on. In other words perhaps he is preparing for a WWE title run. A title run that could last for the better part of a year or at least 6 months.

    What do you guys think about this? Do you think there is a remote possibility that the rock might be actually gearing up for one last run as a full time super star? He could win the strap at RR and hold it till about summer slam. That would give the WWE plenty of time to push Wade Barret or Dolph Ziggler or anyone else. The Rock dropping the title after a lengthy run as the WWE champ to a wade barrett or some other superstar would really get them over.


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