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    I love watching wrestling. I love coming on here and talking about it with you guys.

    What I do not like is how I no longer have the element of surprise. Originally I blamed
    it on this site and sites like this one. But now even the actual wwe website and social
    media applications are releasing spoilers.

    And it does not stop there. I was on twitter the other day talking it up to other WWE fans
    and boom I see someone say something about lesner is in the building. I could not believe
    it. I thought that if I stay off here I stay off I would be safe.

    So I figure the absolute only way to truly enjoy the show again how I used to is by not getting
    online at all. The trade off is that I wont have anyone to talk to wrestling about because no
    one I know watches wrestling.

    I know I wont completely stay off line(this site is addictive) at least not right away but its a direction
    that I sadly may have to go in day by day. Even if I avoid anything that has a headline of spolier that
    does not mean that when I go into a random thread that someone that has actually read the spoiler
    wont spill the beans in whatever random thread i decide to go into. IT SUCKS.

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    I used to watch Raw and SD on a 2 day satellite delay, so spoilers is what I'm used to. Gotta find out somehow. I suppose if you want to enjoy the element of surprise then you need to be firm with yourself and not log on. But imagine waiting 2 days. What you're talking about is not being online immediately prior or during a show. That's not so hard.

    Then you have the other instances where the pre-taped stuff gets spoiled. Well, that's going to happen even though we do our best to keep a lid on it or make sure it's clearly marked. That's all I ask for, make sure it's marked as a spoiler.

    A couple of years ago I had to watch WM on an 8 hour delay and there was NO WAY I was going near a wrestling website - hell not even FB. All i cab say is, unfortunately, it's something we must all get used to. There's no harm in waiting until after it's happened to discuss it.

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    It's a problem when you live in the UK and are a TNA fan!!! Impact is screened Sundays, and I nomally watch on a Monday, or sometimes when work is busy, not until Tuesday. PPV's don't go out until Wednesday, so a Thursday watch for them. Try avoiding spoilers for that long......

    With the last TNA PPV it was actually over a week later before I saw it but it did mean I'd forgotten most of what was going to happen before then anyway!!!



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