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    I see The Shield coming in to beat down The Rock. That would mean Punk is stripped of the title. After beating down The Rock, The Shield demolishes Punk, as well. To close the show, The Shield cuts the biggest heel promo of the year. They declare that no one is safe from their wrath, heel or face.

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    Personally, I hope they go all Royal Rumble 2000 Taka and Funaki and just keep entering over and over with out being in the actual rumble.

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    Although there isn't a clear leader, Dean Ambrose resembles a leader the most out of the three (more than Rollins). Would be cool to let him be the only one to enter with the other two wreaking havoc in and around the ring.

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    I see the Shield coming down during the Punk/Rock match and doing...nothing...that alone will distract The Rock enough where Punk can hit the GTS for the W. Technically they did not interfere in the match thus not costing Punk the strap.


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