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    Real full contact sports = not predictable
    Fake contact sports = predictable

    It's funny because i see alot of people on here saying such things as, " I saw that comming a mile away " or " wow, not again " or " I knew this is what would happen "

    In the age of the social media where litterally thousands of people on here make predictions about Pro Wrestling someone is bound to hit the nail on the head eventually. It's entertainment and its fake at that. Creative at WWE map out storylines for each superstar and when thounsands of people post what they think will happen next with storylines someone eventually is going to hit the nail on the head like i said before.

    There are no surprises anymore unless you don't come to these sites and read all these posts and what not. Can you imagine the money you could make if WWE matches were on pro-line lol.....and you had someone on the inside telling you who was going to win because it's all never happen cause it's FAKE.

    my point is if you want the element of surprise with pro wrestling then don't come to these sites. That's what it was like back in the day, you watched the show and found out what was happening. Which leads me to how hard it is for a company built on entertaining you with surprises and such when there are only a few ways that they can surprise you.

    How often have we heard WWE shuffle their creative team over the years since social media....alot!!! It's not easy to hide anything anymore from fans and your personal lives for that matter.

    So does dropping the PG solve anything for the fans who love violence and sexual content....maybe thats the counter weight to all the predictable storylines we are so accustomed to now....I don't know. The product is watered down and there are no jaw dropping elements of surprise because its hard to hide anything anymore. I for one have not been shocked by anything that either wrestling company has pushed at us for a very long time now.

    just saying, thats all

    peace everybody.


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