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    Alberto Del Rio as World Champion.

    Alberto Del Rio is the best face world champion since Edge retired. I mean Christian only held it for a day as a face, Sheamus was decent but I never really connected with him, and Randy Orton whole reign consisted of wrestling Christian (great matches though). But in the last 2 weeks Del Rio has been World Champion he has gotten the crowd on his side. I mean last night in his match with Tensai when he went for his corner enzuigiri the crowd was really into it chanting ci, ci, ci and now as a face the whole crowd says his name when Ricardo announces it. He's just a great wrestler, and I believe he is a much better face than heel. I hope he can hold the title until Wrestlemania, I feel he has the crowd on his side, and it be foolish for him to lose the World Title before Wrestlemania.

    Thoughts on Del Rio as a face World Champion.


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