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    My point exactly.

    A 400-500 day world title reign is supposed to be something special. There are only 4 other men in the history of WWE, WCW, and ECW COMBINED that have ever held a reign this long. This reign was supposed to be memorable. For the most part, it hasn't been memorable at all. Part of the reason is because wrestling isn't as big as once was, but another reason is booking.

    If CM Punk can cleanly defeat The Rock this Sunday, he'll rack up there with the big boys. The legends. The greats. If he loses, or he cheats to win, then the past 430 days are exactly what Mick Foley said they were back in October - a statistic.
    Quote Originally Posted by PSOjedi View Post
    Everybody knows this is just not possible. I can not imagine, it's going to happen !
    That's the problem though, Why isn't it possible, Punk is in his Prime The Rock is 10 years past, I'm not bashing The Rock I grew up with watching him and he was one of the reasons I got into wrestling, I just don't agree he should come back, No one from the attitude era should, Unless they are still a wrestler (kane, Big Show, UT etc) yea one off's etc but not to wrestle and specially not to take 10 months off and get a title shot. WWE wants money and as a business I can understand that but the money is for the short term. RR-WM. After that we are back to same thing, WWE needs to start building a foundation that is going to build the business and draw in money for years to come.

    To me that is the biggest problem with WWE these days, Short term investment, nothing long term that's going to help the business. Giving Punk a clean win against The Rock would be a great step in the right direction but I can't see it happening.
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