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    Seriously, I want a long match(20min+) between Dolph Ziggler Vs. Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania. I really don't care if they face each other for a title, a unification match, or a battle for brand supremacy. I just want to see these two going at it and stealing the show. They both like to choke They are the best midcarders worth watching in my opinion and making both belts mean something. I am even far more interested in the I.C and U.S titles than the World Heavyweight ......The triple threat match w/Kaval is a really good idea, but for another event. I wouldn't mind Ziggler and Bryan loosing their titles before Wrestlemania so other superstars such as Kaval or another superstar can win the title at mania as long as there is a Ziggler/Bryan match! If there isn't a singles match between these two then my second option would be the triple threat match between Kaval, Ziggler, and Bryan for both titles(similar to Angle vs Jericho vs Benoit at Mania for the European and Intercontinental titles). Honestly though, Ziggler and Bryan deserve a match together at Mania.


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