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    Dolph Ziggler Vs. Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania 27

    Should it happen? They've had three matches together, but I feel they have so much more to offer. Both superstars get better every day and are very innovative. They are young and gifted for stealing the show in ppv's or regular tv programming. Both are very exciting to watch and in my opinion had the match of the year. Their match wasn't even hyped to begin with, so I think they have more to offer on the table if given the chance to steal the show at Wrestlemania 27. I'm not asking for a bigger storyline, just more time given for their match. This is a match I want to see happening at Wrestlemania 27! We haven't had good U.S and I.C champions at the same time. I don't want either to be in the money in the bank match. They both deserve a singles match. So what do you guys think? Does Dolph Ziggler Vs. Daniel Bryan deserve a lengthy and exciting match at Wrestlemania 27?


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