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    Well considering the outcome of the absolutely awful Royal Rumble PPV, I think the Wrestlemania main event has become obvious. Rock isn't going to come back to the WWE "for real" so he'll hold on to the WWE Championship until WM, probably making a few appearances between now and then. Cena announced during the first Raw of the year that this year he would "become WWE Champion", and it's completely obvious that's the title he'll challenge for since he's a Raw superstar. Cena will beat Rock for the WWE Championship to redeem his loss to Rock last time they met 1-on-1. And they tossed away Punk's epic Championship reign just to build up to boring talentless John Cena being back on top.

    I try as hard as I can to not be one of those fans that complains about the choices creative teams make but in this what a huge failure. I hope Punk quits the company and jumps to TNA where he'll actually have a chance to show his fantastic in-ring ability instead of the crap the WWE has been doing with his matches this past year.

    /rant ^_^;;

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    Is there a bet for me to put in? I will go all in for Cena which will win for sure........crap, we all know ho useless the creative team are, by the way, I hate cena.

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