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    Rock's opponent at WM29

    I think Rock vs Cena II at Wrestlemania again wouldn't really be good. It happened once and we should just leave it at that, it will make WM29 a lot different to have a different opponent.

    Punk retains the title at Royal Rumble so he can face whoever at WM, The Rock wins the match by DQ or something. Have Rock turn heel and challenge The Undertaker at Wrestlemania. This will be something that can really attract older fans. And there are many possible storylines and angles to go with this. For instance The Rock can come out and say that he has beaten the best of the best and done accomplished everything in his career that he wanted to. He has won the Royal Rumble, beaten Hulk Hogan, John Cena and Steve Austin and Wrestlemania but there is one thing left for him to do.

    He says that he is leaving wrestling for good and wants closure to his wrestling career and he will do just that after he ends Undertaker's streak at Wrestlemania. These two have not faced each at a WM before. It would make sense to have this match, two attitude era stars. The Rock says that he has beaten Cena, Hogan, Austin at WM and he will add Undertaker to that list.

    I only want this to happen because Punk vs Taker is way too predictable. This way the title stays on Punk, Rock doesn't win the title, taker doesn't need to be in the rumble and someone else can win the rumble. Besides we all know Undertaker won't be heel and The Rock can make the feud a lot more fun and interesting if he turns heel.

    Just a suggestion. I don't think Undertaker has ever defeated The Rock, they could use that in the storyline too as last time these two faced off The Rock ended up winning. The Rock has been undefeated for 3 straight Wrestlemania's in singles action (not counting the handicap match)

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