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    Your favourite WWE PPV of the past 5 years?

    So I've been doing a lot of thinking lately about ppv', rewatching a lot, and thinking about what my favorite ppv for the past 5 years has been and I was curious see what a few of you have found the greatest.

    I have a lot of favorites so I will be counting down

    5. Money in the bank 2010

    This was the first MITB dedicated PPV and it delivered in a big way. It's card had potential to be great and yet again delivered, especially in the 2 ladder matches and the cage match for the wwe title. Although one thing about that let the ppv down was that the whc was quite drab and dreary with the impending cash-in of Kane. I personally thought that they should've kept the briefcase on him until summerslam. Good card, good matches tho.

    4. Extreme rules 2009

    Extreme rules in this year was at its best, following on from wrestle mania is never eay for the 'E but this delivered with a great ending. Started off with a freat fatal 4 way match and dare i say it a good match between cena and show. Cm punk cashing in his briefcase for the second time in his career and really stepping up his status in wwe. The cash in was perfected as there was a gruelling ladder match just minutes before with some amazing spots from jeff hardy and edge. To me this was also the real growth of CM Punk even after it being the second time in cashing in. The main downfall of this ppv tho was the wwe championship match, 7 minutes! It was also very boring. But the ppv overall was great!

    3. Money in the bank 2011

    It was hard to top 2010, but it worked with the main build of cm punk 'leaving' with or without the title in which he won and escaped with the wwe title. The two ladder matches were brilliant with tonnes of key spots which came accross really well, although there were also a few nasty botches courtesy of a certain masked man. But I was thrille to see Daniel Bryan win the briefcase and see punk grab his first wwe title, theres not much to complain about on this ppv, definatly check out the smackdown ladder match and cm punks 'leaving' match if you haven't already.

    2. Royal rumble 2011

    This has by far been my favorite royal rumble ppv event that I've ever seen, the card was promising of 2 main title matches a divas match and a 40 man largest royal rumble ever! It had 2 very decent 20 minute title matches and a short but sweet divas match, but the royal rumble itself was just amazing IMO, they should've kept it at 40 as I feel it pushes the excitement of a standard 30 man off the scale! It had a lot of great spots which helped in the excitement factor!

    1. Wwe tlc 2010

    This is my favorite ppv of all time! Why?! I hear you ask! It's because it was so perfectly crafted, so packed with intense gripping matches in a card that was built to perfection. My match of the nught was the JoMo vs sheamas ladder match as this was amazing with plenty of danger and athleticism from both guys. Also the 3 main matches were perfect! The miz vs randy was thoroughly entertaining with lots of fast paced quality wrestling from both, the tlc match was out of this world and I was soooo happy to see edge win the title also to see the bravery of ricardo rodreguez to go though a table after falling from such a height. And finally an entertaining match from John cena and wade Barrett, iI'm still amazed from the amount of chairs that fell on Barrett, and it was a fairly decent outing from cena considering he only uses 5 moves it was also entertaining throughout the night to see cena taking out the nexus one by one! Nothing bad at all about this ppv, I recommend

    Sorry if that started to drag a bit and I'm sorry if there are many grammar mistakes as this was typed on my phone. But what are all of your 5 favorites of the past 5 years? Do you agree with me? Do you disagree? I really am eager to find out your thoughts and opinions

    Thanks a lot for reading TMIMC

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    2011 MITB for me, the main event of the match gave me goosebumps at the end, that was infact the best ppv i have ever seen, even out doing WM28 for me.

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    5 years? Wrestlemania 24.

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    One of my favourites was TLC 2012 i really enjoyed the 6 man TLC match.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cabers View Post
    One of my favourites was TLC 2012 i really enjoyed the 6 man TLC match.
    No lie that was my favorite match of the year.

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    i've been watching WWE since 2010 and my favorite was MITB 2011. My favorite wrestler spit on Boreton and wins WHC and Punk's match was a classic

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    Wm 20
    wm 17
    wm 16
    wm 28
    rr 2004

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    Elimination Chamber2009

    Night of Champions2011


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