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    The Wyatt Family Debut!!!

    I thought it might be interesting and fun to dissect the NXT roster a little bit, discuss who's got promise, who doesn't, take a look at some of their matches and each give our impressions.

    Since I'll be doing this in no particular order, I'll start this first episode with a personal favourite of mine - The Wyatt Family. (It's possibly just called 'The Family' but I'm unsure)

    As a big fan of the Windham/Rotunda family legacy, I'll begin by addressing....Windham Rotunda! Or as he has come to be called, Bray Wyatt. Formerly known as Husky Harris, most familiar to WWE viewers from the first season of NXT. Unfortunately, the Husky gimmick didn't really work for Rotunda and he was relegated back to FCW/NXT, where after trying another gimmick very briefly (I think it was one match!), he was repackaged as the fedora-wearing, Max Cady-esque character, Bray Wyatt.

    Due to injury, his in ring performances are few. However this has allowed him some time for character development and he subsequently formed The Wyatt Family - consisting of Luke Harper(L) and Erick Rowan(R):

    Erick Rowan's(Joseph Ruud) previous gimmick was as a Norse giant but as far as I can tell, they have abandoned that. From the info I can garner, he has been wrestling for 9 years and was trained by Eddie Sharkey, who also trained The Road Warriors, Austin Aries and the Steiner brothers, among many others. Luke Harper(John Huber) has been wrestling for 9 years as well and has appeared in CZW, DGUSA and ROH and received training from Tony Mamaluke.
    Their current gimmick appears to be redneck monsters who are controlled by Wyatt's character to do his bidding. Here;s a couple of fan shot matches I could find of theirs(if anyone can find more, please post them);

    I see huge promise in these guys and their gimmick. I think with a bit more time and maybe given a run as the first NXT tag champs, they'll be ready for the main roster. What's your impression?


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