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    Randy Orton Vs Daniel Bryan?

    Random thought.

    If Randy Orton turns heel eventually, I think he should feud with Daniel Bryan. I'm not sure when Orton will make his heel turn. But it would be cool if Daniel Bryan was going for another hug on Orton and he turns it into an RKO. These two would have great matches and a great feud I think.

    What do you guys think of a feud between these two?

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    Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan are two great wrestlers. They have different styles, Orton being the guy who moves smoothly around the ring with a wicked but somewhat predictable move set... and Bryan being the traditional wrestling work horse, who is a submission machine and arguably the best grappler in wrestling today. I could see those styles clashing well, because Orton would make the match seem smoother and bryan could pull off moves not typically in matches that we see in the WWE. So on a pure wrestling standpoint I think that feud would be awesome.

    As far as for their gimmicks colliding, I think they would have an interesting feud because Daniel Bryan isn't the typical face. Though I think it might take some of the dynamic away, I think it adds some elsewhere.


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    sounds good, it could be a very good feud and i would like them to face each other for the title

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    If we're talking in terms of just wrestling, then yes this feud would be amazing. I can see each match being slightly different from the last and it would all culminate in a brutal finish. However, when talking gets put in to the mix... I don't see them playing well off of each other... It doesn't seem like a good fit imo.
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    I'd pay to see this feud. I have had my eye on both of these guys since they started and I am aware of the magnificent story-lines they can both create.
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    As a wrestling stand point..this will be an incredible feud and also it is a new feud and will be fresh!!!

    I'm for it!!


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