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  • James Storm and Jeff Hardy vs Bad Influence

    8 53.33%
  • Kenny King vs Christian York

    4 26.67%
  • Gail Kim vs Velvet Sky

    3 20.00%
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    Match of the Night Impact 1-17-13

    All 3 matches had it perks then the promos Aries and Roode, the Gut Check and wedding all seem successful.....
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    All 3 matches had it perks then the promos Aries and Roode, the Gut Check and wedding all seem successful.....

    I gotta stay true to Bad Influence. I love how Kaz was selling everything Hardy was hitting with, the pacing of the match seemed solid and I loved how solid Daniels was sitting after the conclusion of the match. The Angels Wings on the belt was awesome and lying on top of Hardy talking smack was a nice touch.

    York/King was great for advancing the story - Which I LOVE. The idea of building a solid minor battle for the chance at RVD's belt helps to make the X-Division seem much more relevant - but I think York hinders it a bit. If he was more fluid, like King, then I think the battle would have much more to it. However, I loved the kick to King's head after the fake roll up. York's move set is pretty impressive; I just wish he wasn't so timid with the execution. After the nerves of Live TV wear off and he gets comfortable with these guys, I probably won't have as many things to nitpick.

    KO's match - Sorry, not into the KnockOuts. I fast forward them when they are on so I can't tell you how good or bad that match was.

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    I loved all three matches....Knockouts match is very good, I felt Velvet has improved a lot and she si not at all looking out of place with Gail Kiml....

    Bad Influence vs Storm/Hardy is indeed a great match..The pace of the match and the ending everything is PURE GOLD..

    Christian York Vs Kenny King is really entertaining...I feel York should be more flexible but his move set is pretty solid...n I'm loving the feud very much....I have voted for this match because it has a good story in it...

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    Was a tough choice but i choice Bad Influence and Storm, Hardy just stood out more for me.


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