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    Visual Representation:

    Name: Brock Edwards

    Alias': The Next Big Thing, The Perfect Heel, Path of Destruction, No Days Off, The Ass Kicker

    Minneapolis, Minnesota

    Height: 6' 3"

    : 266 lbs.

    Heel/Face (tweeners, you either act like a heel, or a face. How the fans react to you is up to the writers lol.) SuperHeel.

    Ring style: MMA/UFC Style

    Finishing Move: The Next (F-5), I Am Winning This Match and You Are My Pray (Shell Shock), You're A Loser (Spear)

    Signature Moves:Signatures (3): Kimura Lock, German Suplex, and Double or Triple Powerbombs

    Other moves:
    Clothesline Shoulderblocks Bulldog Belly-To-Belly Dropkick from the top rope BearHug Elbow Shots to the Forehead Headbutt Scoop Powerslam Big Boot

    Theme tune and video

    Three Days Grace: Riot

    Promotions worked for (EFeds)

    BITW Won/Loss/Draw record: 0/0/0

    Titles in EFeds held: None.

    Twitter account: @BrockEdwards

    Groups/Tags: [In IWA] Matt Ryder/Brock Edwards


    An Ass-Kicker. Doesn't care who you are or what you stand. Brock has only one mission. That mission is to get to the top of the mountain. Anyone caught standing in his way will go through hell. He is no other goal, but be the the top guy. So, it's better to stay out of his way. He also thinks that he is the number 1 professional wrestler in the world. Which makes him think that everyone is a target, so he can maintain his spot. And that also makes him work out more than normal. He just simply has a thrive for the glory of the top.

    The reason he is such intense is due to his father. At a young age Brock's dad enrolled him into a MMA school. He was at the top of the food chain in there. His trainer actually said once that Brock was truly gifted with something. Brock then decided that MMA wasn't his thing. So, he told his father that he would rather destroy the competition in wrestling. However, Edwards's dad was unhappy with his decision to go into pro wrestling. Despite his dad's approval, Brock still went out of his way and follow his dream of wrestling. He doesn't care what it will take to win. The top is the thing he cares about and no one's else's approval of his actions.

    He used to work in the promotion of ICW, but later it closed down it doors. Soon after, SRW opened up its door and accepted. However, it also closed down its doors, but Brock was still got payed an unknown amount of money. It is said he might have enough money for the rest of his life. Quickly after SRW shut down, IWA opened up. However, unlike the other promotions Brock had to not been granted a contract immediately. So, Brock showed up to shows unannounced and threaten wrestlers and management. However, IWA owner (now newly named Daniel May) allowed Brock to compete in IWA's first PPV. His scheduled opponent was to be Oscar Layman. However, before the match started Brock attacked Oscar. Daniel May then had a second planned which turned out to be Matt Ryder. Instead of competing Matt laid for Brock after a finger poke of death. After, Brock won the match he received a ironclad contract.

    Now, he is here in BITW to show why he is the BEST IN THE WORLD!

    A STAR WAS BORN!!!! #ThankYouBrock


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