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    I'm baaaaaaaaaaacccck!!!

    Name: Sagittarius Blue
    Aliases: The Royal Rockstar (Royal = his trademark color is blue; Rockstar = he is a music artist), the Little Big Problem, the Classic City Saint

    Hails from: Athens, GA
    Height: 5' 9"
    Weight: 130 lbs

    Entrance Theme: "Faint" by Linkin Park


    Sign of the Archer/The Archer's Sign: a modified variant of the Painkiller move used by Mark Haskins. Sag lifts his opponent in an inverted half-nelson or a suplex-like hold, then tosses them forward and lands a knee to the head for a knockout blow.

    Shining Wizard: a variation of the classic move... Sagittarius strikes hard and fast with this technique, and likes to pull it out in a fast-paced match or to put away opponents that his other finishers can't bring down.

    Bow of Sagittarius: a modified AT Lock/Kimura, and his pet submission hold.

    Signature Moves:

    The Superman Punch: a move that testifies to Sagittarius' MMA background, this is a sudden and stunning strike that defines the term "jawbreaker."

    The Sagittarius Slam: Sagittarius' own version of the uranage throw, showing that the little man is a lot stronger than he looks.

    The Sagittarius Shot: a powerful flying dropkick usually done from apron to ring, but occasionally done from the top turnbuckle.

    Stardom: Sagittarius' favorite high-flying roundhouse kick, inspired by John Morrison's Flying Chuck and Cody Rhodes' Beautiful Disaster. In rare (and high-powered) moments, he does a special variation: if the opponent is dazed in a corner, he will climb to the adjacent post and run across the ropes to deliver this move to their face with extra momentum.

    The Record Drop DDT: if you've seen Dolph Ziggler's surprise DDT, you know what to expect with this. Sag loves to pull this out to put a sudden stop to his enemies, especially as a reversal.

    The Sagittarius Special: another tribute to Sag's love of MMA, this is a combination move. Sag starts with a muay thai clinch knee to the head to stun his opponent, then follows up with a double/single leg takedown, and finishes with a fist drop to the face.

    Other Moves: various MMA strikes (punches, kicks, elbows, knees), belly to belly suplex, neckbreaker, sliding uppercut (a la Goldust or Cody Rhodes), shotgun dropkick (a standing dropkick - Sag curls up tight to deliver a quick but powerful dropkick to the gut or knee of an opponent. Used when Sag is standing still and the opponent is running towards him), jumping clothesline/flying forearm, inverted falcon arrow (think falcon arrow + gordbuster) clinched knees/dirty boxing (especially when opponent is in corner). Sagittarius is "young" in his wrestling career, so expect his moveset to grow and improve.

    Alignment: Face

    Gimmick: proverbial "giant killer" (out to prove the power of small men), inexperienced rookie, music lover, and has a thing for the stars.

    Bio: Sagittarius is a man who came from little and made it a lot. He became a very popular underground music artist, then an accomplished underground MMA fighter who has trained across the world. Now he wants to become one of the best professional wrestlers of all time. He is often quiet and soft spoken, but this only hides the fact that he lives his life with the volume all the way up. He loves his craft, and loves to put on a show (he has a flair for the dramatic.) Due to his time in MMA, when seriously hurt or stressed, a "survival switch" of sorts flips and he becomes mindlessly aggressive and violent. Sagittarius runs from nothing and nobody. Very intelligent, cunning, and quick - mentally and physically. He makes up for his lack of size with amazing agility, speed, and versatility. He is not well versed in professional wrestling yet (he may occasionally fuck up a wrestling move) he compensates with his hard-hitting MMA fighting background, looking to combine the two to create his own hybrid wrestling style. Three of the most dangerous things about Sagittarius Blue: he is persistent, he is unpredictable... and he is always learning.

    Now the Classic City Saint looks for redemption as he reenters the EWN Grand Prix!

    The Star Signs
    IWA - JBW - TWE - BITW

    Sagittarius Blue - 1st Ever JBW United States Champion


    WWE Fed...
    Kharma/Awesome Kong
    Lei'D Tapa, The Queen of the Rings
    Kenny King, The Prettyboy Pitbull


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