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    What about Bagwell? Will he ever make back to the big time?

    Does he deserve anything? I think he could come into the WWE and become one of the biggest heels. I think he has the ability and the cockiness to piss a lot of fans off. I don't like the guy from ten years ago, but I heard a good interview with him and sound kind of convincing. what do you think?

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    Buff was the stuff, but I don't think there is a position for him to return to WWE. There are too many "mid-carders" with nothing to do. Buffs work with Steiner was pretty good back in the day, but Buff needs direction and is not suited to being his own man. He needs someone to bounce off. He could do well in Tag, but singles, no.

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    at this time i say no dont no if he would suit wwe at the moment if this was back in the early 00's yeah i think he should have came and went on raw but i dont see him in wwe anytime soon one guy i would like to see is sid vicious though

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    plain and simple------------buff doesn't have the stuff PERIOD. REAL TALK!!!!!!!!!!

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    Bwahahahahaha - NO! Unless he's had some kind of ego bypass, he wouldn't even get a foot in the door at TNA. I did like him with Steiner but he's meant to be a real problem backstage. He had his chance when WWE bought WCW and he messed it up big time. Maybe age has mellowed him, apparantly Steiner is not the ass he used to be in the locker room so anything's possible.

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    smh hell no he doesnt deserve anything, what is this 1998?? his time is over and he's passed his prime.. lets leave the old wcw wrestlers to sit out in obscurity by doing meet and greets at comic conventions and local wrestling venues..


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