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    you are correct Playboy with Hardy/RVD and a lot of other wrestlers not being in Hogans and Flairs league. During their active wrestling careers there is a reason they always held the belt, or wrestled for the belts. They connected with the fans, markertability, they were worrkhorses(flair more so). Were they the best wrestlers ever? Hell no, but they sold out arenas, brought in the ratings(hogan more so). And today about the only one out there that is in their league-(actively wrestling)-Cena. And as with Flair and Hogan, there are a lot of wrestlers much better than Cena) Flair in TNA did not bother me until they had him wrestling, it was disrespectful and tarnished his legacy a bit. His role now should be mentoring or managing. MIZ doesn't need him though but there is a very deep roster of talent, up and coming that they could stick him with- Richie Steamboat, Joe Henning, Bo Rotundo etc.
    Agreed. I never had a problem with Ric Flair showing up in TNA until he started to lace up the boots. He should've just been the manager of Fortune and that have been the end of it.

    As long as WWE keeps Flair in a non-wrestling role and he's not the center of attention, I have no problem with him mentoring The Miz or anybody else WWE pairs him with.

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